3 members of Red Velvet confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 ahead of their comeback this March, concert might possibly be canceled?

Red Velvet’s fans recently received the unexpected bad news that might affect the group’s activities.

After announcing their comeback, Red Velvet has been releasing teaser images and videos, drawing attention and excitement from fans. However, SM Entertainment suddenly released a statement on the morning of March 14th delivering an important notice about the health issues of Red Velvet members. The agency revealed that Irene, Joy and Yeri had been confirmed positive to Covid-19.

In particular, SM Entertainment said,

“At the end of last week, Irene, Joy and Yeri took a PCR test and were confirmed positive to Covid-19. Three members have completed their 2nd dose of vaccination and have not developed any special symptoms. Seulgi and Wendy also took a Covid-19 test and received ‘negative’results. “

Red Velvet’s 2022 concert “The ReVe Festival: Prologue”, which was scheduled for March 19th – March 20th, will also be temporarily canceled. We will refund all the paid tickets to the audiences”.

Red Velvet-Irene-Joy-Yeri
3 members of Red Velvet, Irene, Joy and Yeri, were confirmed to have Covid-19

Upon hearing the news, fans are really sad since they have been waiting for such a long time to see Red Velvet performing at a face-to-face concert.

Fans’ comments:

  • It’s been so long since their last offline concert. Covid-19 please go away. Get well soon, my girls. I hope Red Velvet members can recover quickly to proceed with their comeback. Seulgi and Wendy, please stay healthy.
  • Get well soon, Irene, Joy and Yeri!
  • Their comeback is coming really close… Get well soon girls!
  • Hope they recover quickly
  • I missed another chance to see Red Velvet’s offline concert. But their health is still the top priority.

The 5 girls of Red Velvet plan to return to the KPOP race on March 21st. This is also Red Velvet’s first comeback in 2022 after a 6-month break. With the current situation of 3 members being infected with Covid-19, the promotion activities for their mini-album “THE REVE FESTIVAL 2022 – FEEL THE RHYTHM” might be affected or changed.

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