3 Kpop body types make fans argue about the hottest: How idols wear to show off their figures?

3 types of body corresponding with 3 types of Kpop beauty standard, how do they differ fashion-wise?

There may not be a single collective voice, may it be from entertainment companies or groups of individuals, reaching a conclusion about the physical standard that a Korean idol should have. For that reason, in recent years, 3 types of body, both old and new, have emerged with completely different characteristics causing netizens to argue. Everyone thinks that their point of view is the ultimate truth about the best body shape.

The Skinny Figure

BLACKPINK Rosé can be considered as the representative image of skinny girl idols, with her body fat percentage seems to equal 0%.

3 types of Kpop idols' body

Though sometimes being called out for looking lifeless with thin and fragile legs, but in general, her type of body is still loved by a large number of fans. Frail and seemingly disproportionate legs don’t stop Rosé from wearing short skirts and high-heeled shoes.

3 types of Kpop idols' body

BLACKPINK Rosé’s arms and legs are both long and skinny, with a waist that looks like always measuring below 50 cm. Her figure is often compared with those of skinny models or Barbie dolls, which has been the beauty standard of girls for ages. However, there are also moments when Rosé concern her fans for revealing her thin legs, inversely proportional to the bulky shoes she wears in the left picture.

Stirring controversies about her weight, but this look seems appealing to high-end fashion designers, like Saint Laurent – the brand that always gives the advantage for the feminine, “size 0” figures.

The “Full” Figure

Joy (Red Velvet) is the representative of that image, which showcases the full hourglass body with slightly “chubby” thighs, waist and biceps that Joy never seems to be conscious of. On the contrary, she often wears short skirts, crop tops, or outfits with clothing gaps showing her perfect three-round measurements.

3 types of Kpop idols' body
3 types of Kpop idols' body

Since her debut, Joy has undergone much strict weight loss regulations, but she stops at her current body condition: not overweight but not too skinny, everything is quite harmonious. She even used to be ridiculed for revealing fatness when wearing tight shorts, but it seems Joy still doesn’t care much!

3 types of Kpop idols' body

Thanks to this, she can transform flexibly into a “candy girl” style, or sometimes a seductive style, with a typical 2-string dress showing her natural sexy side.

The Firey “Western” Firgure

Those who do not fancy this would say they are “overweight”, but those who look at this figure as a whole will know this is just another definition for “sexy”. A “full” figure like Joy can still dress freely to show off her skin, why do Hyorin and Hwasa have to bother wearing the same show-off outfits?

Physique-wise, the sharing point of both idols is a big skeleton, rather full thighs, hips and chests. It is thanks to this advantage that the 2 female idols can wear all kinds of tight items without boredom. Brown skins also contribute to displaying the sexy, flaming look. Items like leggings with straps, halter crop tops might appear to difficultly mismatch their round bodies, but the girls can handle them smoothly! This Western type of beauty is often accompanied by deep nude makeup tones or neon colors to make an interesting contrast with the dark skin.

Source: K14

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