3 girlgroups Knets think to be more popular overseas than in Korea

These 3 girlgroups seem to possess all the elements to become famous in Korea.

Recently, Korean netizens on the Theqoo forum have discussed enthusiastically about girlgroups whose less recognition in Korea compared to their popularity abroad.  The OP explained that these girlgroups may not be widely known to Korean audiences, but have huge international fan bases.

The first mentioned name is EVERGLOW.  Their MVs easily bring in hundreds of millions of views on each comeback.

Another girlgroup that is equally loved by international fans is Dreamcatcher.  Their albums and goods always have high sales thanks to the support of fans outside of Korea.

If the OP mentioned EVERGLOW and Dreamcatcher in the original post, lots of netizens mentioned LOONA in the comment section on Theqoo.  Although gradually becoming more popular in Korea, LOONA initially received attention from fans abroad first and also has a larger international fan base than Korean fans.

All three of these girlgroups possess all the elements to become famous, from good music, beautiful concepts, good skills to attractive looks.  Therefore, many netizens feel regret that they are not really popular in their homeland, and hope that EVERGLOW, Dreamcatcher, and LOONA will soon be more known in Korea.

Netizens comment on Theqoo:

  • Isn’t Loona popular overseas as well?
  • It’s good to have a solid concept and good skills, so I hope they get better ㅠㅠ
  • Dreamcatcher is the only girl group that I listen to all their songs ㅠㅠ
  • When Dreamcatcher releases a song, I listen to it unconditionally. Their songs are my style. I also like their choreography
  • I really like Dreamcatcher… Really like all their songs so I listen to them every dayㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • I’ve heard of their girlgroups’ names, but I don’t know any members…
  • I like all of Everglow’s songs, but I hate their agency…
  • I’ve listened to Everglow’s songs and they’re good, so why aren’t they popular in Korea?
  • I didn’t know that Everglow had so many views on YouTube. Dreamcatcher is still mentioned often, but Everglow is not mentioned so I can’t imagine it
  • I’ve listened to Everglow’s songs, the performances are great, the concept and music video are good too

Source: Theqoo

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