22/25 songs in BTS’ album top the Billboard charts, breaking their own records.

BTS continues to break records on the Billboard charts.

According to Billboard, BTS shatters its own record for the most simultaneous entries on the World Digital Song Sales chart, as the group lands 22 tracks on top-50 ranking in the first week of September.

This achievement broke the previous record of the group Celtic Woman (from Ireland) with 12 songs in the chart for the week, from February 7th, 2010 to February 13th, 2010.

Notably, their song Idol, which is a special collaboration between BTS and Nicki Minaj, debuted at #1 on both World Digital Song Sales and Digital Song Sales.

Earlier, the audio version of Idol featured Nicki Minaj had also debuted at #11 on Billboard Hot 100 in the first week of release. Although Idol didn’t surpass the achievement of Fake Love (#10), but it is the fourth song of BTS that can be able to enter Billboard Hot 100.

World Digital Song Sales Rank, according to Billboard:

No. 1, ‘IDOL,’ featuring Nicki Minaj (debut)

No. 2, ‘Euphoria’ (debut)

No. 3, ‘I’m Fine’ (debut)

No. 4, ‘Epiphany’ (debut)

No. 5, ‘Trivia: Seesaw’ (debut)

No, 6, ‘Answer: Love Myself’ (debut)

No. 7, ‘Trivia: Just Dance’ (debut)

No. 8, ‘Serendipity (Full Length Edition)’ (debut)

No. 9, ‘Trivia: Love’ (debut)

No. 10, ‘MIC Drop,’ featuring Desiigner

No. 11, ‘DNA’

No. 12, ‘Fake Love’

No. 13, ‘Singularity’ (debut)

No. 14, ‘Outro: Her’

No. 15, ‘Outro’ Tear’

No. 16, ‘Dimple’

No. 17, ‘The Truth Untold,’ featuring Steve Aoki

No. 19, ‘Best of Me’

No. 20, ‘Airplane, Pt. 2’

No. 21, ‘Anpanman’

No. 22, ‘Go Go’

No. 23, ‘Magic Shop’

Source: Billboard

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