2021 “MBC Entertainment Awards”: Best Dressed Kim Se-jung vs. Worst Dressed Sandara Park

This year, many stars have attended the “MBC Entertainment Awards”, showing off their unique awards costumes. 

This year, many stars have appeared at the “MBC Entertainment Awards” with their unique awards costumes. From Yoo Jae-seok, who attended the awards ceremony after recovering, to Lee Hyo-ri, who made a surprise appearance as an award presenter. The entertainment award was quite a hot topic for its colorful lineup, fun and touching moments, as well as the stars’ fashion choice. We have gathered the best looks and worst looks of 2021 “MBC Entertainment Awards”.

Thumbs up!

Kim Se-jung attended “MBC Entertainment Awards” as an MC and showed off her dazzling “Goddess-class” beauty as well as her clean hosting skill. The black dress, which created an alluring atmosphere, drew more attention in the form of an off-shoulder that boldly reveals her shoulders and collarbone. Her up hairstyle was also put together to emphasize her elegance. Especially, the unique black dress layered with lace created a feminine vibe and the colorful jewelry waistband made Kim Se-jung’s visuals stand out even more.

Kim Se-jung

So pretty!

Lee Mi-joo, who won the “Rookie of the Year” award at “MBC Entertainment Awards”, clearly announcing that she is the trendiest of the trends and showing her unique sense of entertainment as a rising star of the Yoo squad, also showed off her charm at the awards ceremony. Mi-Joo in a dress shines even more as she has a tall physique as well as long limbs. The detail emphasizing her waistline on the simple black dress further emphasizes her femininity. Mi-Joo’s charm has become more prominent thanks to the neat dress rather than a recklessly flamboyant one.

Lee Mi-Joo


Aiki_As always, Aiki, who always attends the awards ceremonies in her own style rather than dresses, adhered to her own style at this year’s “MBC Entertainment Awards”. The set-up and crop top highlighted Aiki’s charms. Although it was an awards ceremony, Aiki’s “indifferently chic” fashion stood out even more with her dignified attitude. As expected from Aiki’s unique fashion, there was a little bit of disappointment, yet the “pretty & cool” charisma was still valid.


Who’s your stylist?

Lee Hyo-ri showcased a unique ‘dumpling’ fashion that looked as if she had no waistline in a long dress with awkward ruffles. Although she wore a gorgeous green dress that emphasized her waist at this year’s “MBC Entertainment Awards”, she still raised doubts rather than admiration. The neon green dress, which is not only bright but also eye-catching, attracted attention only because of its awkward length and fit aside from the color. This disappointing dress look couldn’t be solved by the female singer’s body or poses. 

lee hyori

Oh, no!

This is Sandara Park‘s award ceremony look that made everyone drop their jaws right from her entrance. From the lace that tightens the neckline to the splendid details of the skirt with body chains and feather trimming added to it, there is no point that goes unnoticed. It is a fashion choice that can be burdensome even to those who see it as a “point plus point, unique plus unique” outfit. Even the unique details of her hairstyling are also shocking. Sandara Park’s fashion sense might have been too far ahead…

sandara park


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