2 years in loving memory of Sulli: The “Snow pear flower” who stays forever pretty at the age of 25

It’s been nearly 2 years since Sulli passed away. Many fans still feel heartbroken for the unfortunate life of the beautiful and talented female idol.

On October 14, 2019, the whole K-pop industry was in utter shock with the news that Sulli was found dead at her home. What caused the young female artist to take her own life was determined to be severe depression when she had to endure pressure from the public. Although nearly 2 years have passed, fans still can’t move on from the sorrow and regret every time they look back at the life of Sulli, a talented and gorgeous female star.

She is still a visual legend in the hearts of the public 

Sulli – K-pop’s pitiful “snow pear flower”

It’s undeniable that Sulli has an absolutely unique beauty. The female idol’s appearance is a perfect combination of innocence and freshness with wild and mysterious vibes. Her facial features are so perfectly harmonious that she can pull off every concept. Therefore, Sulli used to be a standard for beauty, a role model, a fashion icon for young people.

She nails every concept.

Fans not only remember Sulli for her appearance. Whenever Sulli is mentioned, the public also thinks about f(x), and is reminded of the girl group’s adorable maknae, and a talented idol. At the age of 11, Sulli was only a teenager, but soon impressed the audience thanks to her roles in popular movies and dramas. Thanks to her acting talent from a young age, she was noticed by SM Entertainment.

Sulli in a supporting role in the drama Ballad of Seodong at the age of 11

In 2009, Sulli debuted as a member of f(x) at the age of 15 and quickly stood out in the K-pop industry. Her gorgeous visual was often compared with seniors such as Jiyeon (T-ara) or Dara (2NE1). At that time, Sulli and f(x) impressed the public with their unique and catchy music.

She was the outstanding visual member of f(x). 

Sulli’s departure from f(x) made the public feel regretful and curious about the reason. Only later did the female idol reveal the reason that she felt lonely and didn’t understand what she was doing. “No one listened to me when I was going through a tough time, as if I was alone in the world,” Sulli said.

Sulli changed a lot after leaving f(x). 

Since she began her solo activities, the female idol often caused a stir with a series of rebellious photos on social networks. Sexy, intimate photos with her boyfriend or hanging out with friends at a nightclub caused her to be the target of online criticism. However, she showed a nonchalant attitude and calmly accepted it.

Sulli had a cameo appearance in the drama “Hotel del Luna” to support IU. 

In 2019, when Sulli passed away, the public was surprised to realize that for a long time, she had to fight a lonely battle. During the time she was a victim of vicious cyber bullying, Sulli still tried to be active, still singing, attending events, doing photo shoots, acting… But the truth is, the late female idol was struggling, trying to seek self-reassurance while suffering by herself. A 25-year-old girl, no matter how tough she might look, can’t deal with the online harassment of countless netizens on her own. 

It wasn’t until she left this world for good that fans knew what she had gone through 

The endless pain 

After Sulli’s death, fans once again witnessed another upsetting incident. When she passed away for nearly a week, her brother revealed that their parents were in dispute over the assets left by the female idol. Earlier, at Sulli’s funeral, neither her father nor mother showed up, only her brother was present to take care of everything. Even so, they still couldn’t let go of the greed and tried to prey on their daughter’s wealth.

Sulli used to want her brother to move in with her. 

Since childhood, Sulli suffered from family trauma. As her parents divorced early, the female idol could only rely on her mother and brother emotionally. However, they took advantage of the money she made, while her father abandoned her. All the money Sulli earned was managed and supervised by her mother. When Sulli left f(x), she got into a fight with her mother because her mother said Sulli’s income had decreased, and even threatened to disown the female idol.

The female idol’s family could not help her overcome the public pressure

These upsetting stories make fans feel sorry for Sulli’s unfortunate life. It wasn’t until the day she passed away that others understood how much she had undergone, how lonely and desperate she was. Although 2 years have passed, the public can still feel Sulli’s pain, suffering, and resentment. Fortunately, fans will always love, respect and never forget Sulli.

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