1st teaser for BTS V’s solo album unveiled, strong Min Hee Jin influences

It is known that BTS V has worked together with Min Hee Jin for his upcoming solo album, and a teaser has been released. 

BTS V will be releasing his first solo album on September 8th, according to a recent announcement fro Big Hit Music. 

Prior to the album release, Big Hit Music revealed that V personally proposed a collaboration to Min Heejin, who is behind the “trending sensation” NewJeans.

As a result, expectations are higher than ever, as fans eagerly await the chemistry between BTS V and Min Heejin that will capture their hearts.

On the other hand, with the confirmed album release day, Min Heejin, who worked with V, surprised fans by posting a “teaser video” on her official Instagram.

The revealed video features a package box with a photo of V and his dog Tan attached. The words “gift” and the solo album title ‘LAYOVER” can also be seen, capturing attention.

bts v solo

As the individual package boxes are delivered to the front of various houses and the number of boxes gradually increases, the video comes to an end.

At the same time, V himself shared a photo of package boxes stacked on the stairs, saying, “I’m sending these to each house with the desire to personally deliver to each and every home,”

So far, with the release of the teaser video and the album release date, fans expressed great anticipation.

bts v solo

It is known that V’s solo album, “Layover”, will consist of 6 songs in total, including the title “Slow Dancing”, as well as the b-sides “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, “Love Me Again”, and “For Us”. 

A special track of “Slow Dancing” piano ver is also included, and the agency also recommended enjoying the flow from track 1 to track 5.

Source: Insight

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