12 more nights added to their tour, TWICE’s fans are angry due to JYP’s heavy schedule for their idol

Mina will still be absent at TWICE’s concert tour.

On July 17thm on TWICE’s official Japanese website, JYP has officially announced the schedule for the girls’ Japanese tour starting from this October. Specifically, after finishing the Western tour, TWICELIGHT in Japan will start on Oct 23rd with the first show in Hokkaido. After that, the tour will continue at Chiba (Oct 29 – 30), Osaka (Nov 6 – 7), Miyagi (Nov 16 – 17), Aichi (Nov 29 – 30, Dec 1), Fukuoka (Feb 11) và Shizuokasau (Feb 22).

However, due to health problems, Mina won’t be able to join any of the nights in Japan – her home country. This means that Mina might be on hiatus until Feb next year.

TWICELIGHT officially announced the date for their Japan tour.
Mina will still be on hiatus and won’t appear at the tour in her home country.

With such a tight schedule, ONCE – TWICE’s fan community – are voicing out their anger about JYP’s heavy workload and worrying about the members’ condition.

– “Mina, rest well to save energy for the next comeback. And JYP, please let the remaining 8 girls have some rest”

– “Won’t this schedule be too exhausting? Hope that JYP will reconsider”.

– “The artists’ health should have been the top priority. This is such a tight concert schedule, not to mention TWICE might soon have a comeback”.

– “So this means Mina will be on hiatus for half a year? JYP, please let them rest”.

ONCE are very angry after seeing the schedule announced by JYP. Fans hope that this agency will care more about the members’ health condition and let the girls have more rest.

Source: Kenh14

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