1001 sweet moments of Jong Kook – Ji Hyo at the fan meeting, no wonder fans can’t stop shipping!

Although the duo has denied dating rumors several times, Jong Kook and Ji Hyo always make fans doubt that their relationship is more than just colleagues.

Running Man 2021 online fan meeting took  place on September 5 and received the attention of many fans. In the special event, the “eagle-eyed” fans noticed a lot of sweet moments between kim jong kookJi Hyo on stage.  The couple’s chemistry continues to be “shipped” by fans.

Most notably, when Jong Kook told Ji Hyo that the microphone attached to his shirt had a problem, Ji Hyo then immediately fixed the microphone for him. Not to mention the moment when the two shared a bottle of water. “Mr.Capable” gallantly opened the bottle for Ji Hyo.

Jong Kook told Ji Hyo that there is a problem with his microphone
“Mong Jihyo” then immediately fixed Mr.Capable’s mic
As soon as he saw Ji Hyo cough, Jong Kook asked to skip the difficult question
Jong Kook – Ji Hyo shared a bottle of water. He also opened the bottle for her
The two always stood next to each other during the online fan meeting 
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