10-year-old child actor Park So Yi has become the face of YG

Recently, a series of special pictorials of child actor Park So Yi has been released.

On August 17, YG Entertainment posted special pictorials of Park So Yi through YG STAGE, a channel for uploading content of YG’s actors.

park so yi

In the pictures, Park So Yi caught the eyes of netizens with her lovely and energetic look. Park So Yi put on a wave hairstyle, wore a striped muffler and a black cloak. Her concept resembled Hermione Jean Granger from the “Harry Potter” series, drawing great attention.

With these special pictorials, she wanted to make some pleasant memories of becoming a character in a famous movie.

Park So Yi showed many poses that matched the concept of Hermione, such as waving her wand and hiding in the closet with a smile, making the staff at the photoshoot admired.

The behind-the-scene footage of her special pictorials will be uploaded on YG STAGE Naver Post and their Instagram channel tonight.

Meanwhile, Park So Yi has been scheduled to participate in various movies. She has just finished filming for “Christmas Present’ and a short project “Ttok ttak Ttok ttak”. She is currently filming for a drama from tvN, “High Class”, which would be on air on September 6. Moreover, she was recently cast for a Tving original series called “Strange”, showing her popularity as a child actor.

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