10 MVs most watched by Koreans in 2020: BTS and Zico surpassed BLACKPINK, TWICE was suddenly not on the list

In the top 10 most viewed music videos in Korea, there are 8 per 10 products of Kpop idols. Among them, BTS and BLACKPINK are equal in the number of 2 MVs for each group. However, in terms of rankings, BTS is better than BLACKPINK. Specifically, Dynamite of BTS has led the chart. Another product that is supposed to … flop in total views but has been seen a lot in Korea – the MV ON Kinetic Manifesto Film version. This MV ranks 3 on that chart

BLACKPINK was also suddenly surpassed by Zico. Being expected as the top favorite song in Korea this year, Zico’s Any Song ranked 2nd in terms of YouTube views in Korea.

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