10 most popular female idols in Korea in the first half of 2020

Netizens have listed the female idols who often ranked high in brand value rankings and are widely known in Korea.

 1. Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy is the member with the most outstanding activities in Red Velvet in the first half of 2020. She gained attention when participating in the show Handsome Tigers, reading the announcements on the subway, collaborating on the song Mayday with Crush and being featured in some advertisements for cosmetics and beverage brands.

 2. Arin (Oh My Girl)

Active in her 6th year, Arin still nails the image of a pure, refreshing and sweet visual. In the comeback stage with the track “Nonstop” in May, Arin is the most outstanding member of the group when she changed to an adorable bob haircut. The female idol is the ideal type of many Korean fan boys.

 3. Jennie (Black Pink)

Jennie still maintains her status as a leading IT girl in Kpop. In the first 6 months of the year, she has many impressive individual projects such as the introduction of eyeglasses collection, pictorials , and modeling for fashion and cosmetics brands. Jennie also proved her popularity when every item or style she promoted became a trend favored by Korean girls.

 4. Mi Yeon ((G)I-DLE)

 In the first half of 2020, Mi Yeon continuously received the attention of netizens thanks to her gorgeous visual, voted as the top among female idols.

The female idol born in 1997 has many viral moments on social media because of her feminine, gentle look and elegant aura.

 5. Ryu Jin (ITZY)

Ryu Jin is a new generation girlcrush model that has been receiving much love from Korean female fans. In the comeback with Wannabe in March, the female idol’s unique shoulder dance became viral, creating a a hot trend of cover dance on Youtube. Ryu Jin’s visual is also praised thanks to her modern and fierce appearance, similar to actress Han So Hee (The world of marriage).

 6. Hwasa (Mamamoo)

It’s needless to explain Hwasa‘s popularity in Korea. The female idol is always one of the well-known faces and familiar with audiences of all ages. Hwasa has also proved her charisma when she became a successful advertising star that is welcomed by many brands of consumer goods and cosmetics.

 7. Jang Won Young (IZONE)

Despite the past controversies over her attitude, Jang Won Young is still a famous idol on Korean websites and forums. Topics of the 10X female idol’s visual and figure often receive great attention from Knetz.  During the 2 comebacks in February and June, Jang Won Young was also one of the most popular members of IZONE.

 8. Mina (Twice)

Having resumed activities with Twice after many months of absence to treat mental illness, Mina received great support from Korean fans and public.  Mina‘s name is regularly listed in the top 10 monthly brand value rankings despite no solo activities. In the More and More comeback in early June, Mina also amazed netizens with her visual when with her stunning blonde hair, showing her completely new image compared to the elegant, royal style before.

 9. So Won (GFriend)

So Won of GFriend is known for her unique visual and outstanding height. She is also loved by Korean fans thanks to her interesting personality and graceful manner on TV and radio broadcast activities.

 10. Na Eun (April)

Na Eun is one of the most prominent female idols in Kpop in the first half of 2020. She is known to many Koreans thanks to her acting projects and MC activities. Na Eun’s lovely visual is also very popular with brands. Thanks to Na Eun’s popularity, April also received much attention after taking a break from music activities for more than a year.

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